The renewed EDIEL contact search is now available

As we announced earlier (10.10.2019), that the EDIEL Contact Information Table will be moved to a new platform. The new contact search is now available on Fingrid's homepage, but it can also be used via EDIELfi portal ( With the change, the layout of the table is renewed and the searching tool for contacts is easier to use. No changes were made to the fields in the table. 
Please note that if your company uses a mechanical reading of the table, the new address of the table should be updated so that mechanical reading will continue to work. We will keep the current table for a short transitional period in the EDIELfi portal. However, when reading the old contact table, please note that the contact data was last time updated on October 14, 2019. The old table will be deleted 11.11.2019. The direct addresses of the new xls-files can be found on our sites (
If there are any need to update your company contact information, please contact us:
Please give us also a feedback on how the new contact search works!