EDIELfi Contact Information Table will be renewed


The Information Exchange Services are part of Fingrid's electronic services reform project. In the project, we will review our services and the information they contain. We want to improve our electronic services and enable their future development. We will make changes as flexibly and customer-friendly as possible.

As part of the e-services reform, we will move the EDIELfi Contact Information Table to a new platform. The table will be located on Fingrid's homepage in the future, but the new table will also be available through the EDIELfi portal as it's familiar for you. With this change, the layout of the table will be renewed and the searching tool for contacts will become more easier. No changes will be made to the fields in the table. Please note that despite the changes, the Contact Information Table is normally available to you, except for the contact editing function.

In order to update the current contact information to the new table, editing of the old table will be frozen on Mon 14.10.2019, and after that the contact information cannot be updated via the EDIELfi portal. If you have any need to edit your contact information, we kindly ask you to update your contact information before Monday, if necessary. From the beginning of the week 42, please contact us to update your contact info at tiedonvaihto@fingrid.fi.

We will separately inform  the commissioning of the new table. Please note that if your company uses a mechanical reading of the table, the table’s new address needs to be updated that you're able to use this functionality. We will also maintain a short transition period the current table in the EDIELfi portal. However, when using an old contact table note that it is not no longer updated.

If your company uses the mechanical reading of the table and you have the opportunity to test the reading of the new table, please let us know at tiedonvaihto@fingrid.fi.

Best regards,